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Class Size and Teachers

Our classrooms prepare children to enter kindergarten and to be school ready. Classroom size consists of a maximum of 15-20 children per classroom. Teaching staff consists of highly qualified teachers to work with you and your child.

One lead teacher and one teacher are assigned to each classroom. Most lead teachers have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and are supported in the classroom with a staff person who is also degreed and has experience working with young children.

On-going training is provided to ensure teachers are provided with up-to-date teaching skills and materials. The SIU Head Start Curriculum consists of well-planned units that promote language, literacy, math, creative arts, social emotional development, approaches to learning, physical health and development.


Head Start’s classroom curriculum is designed to meet the child’s individual needs. Development of good health and nutritional habits, personal safety habits and self-help skills are individualized. Children receive a variety of learning experiences to foster their intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.

Children participate in indoor and outdoor play, field trips around the community, and music, art, and language activities. Children are encouraged to express their feelings, develop a good feeling about themselves, and get along with other children.

Children are encouraged to choose activities from a variety of learning interest centers located in each classroom. Some of the centers included in the classrooms are listed below:

  • Block Center
  • Dramatic Play Center
  • Computer Center
  • ABC Center
  • Sand and Water Center
  • Book Center
  • Art Center
  • Science Center
  • Math Center
  • Writing Center